Tandem Forest Values started as a bilateral forest research project that was established in 2017 as Sweden’s official centenary gift to Finland. Since the success of the first part the project continued towards research based cooperation and Finland participated in the financing with an equal amount.


Finland and Sweden are leading forestry nations in Europe and the World, and the products from the forestry sector are cornerstones in their economies. Even though the countries have less than two per cent of the world’s forests, their exports still account for almost ten percent of the world’s forestry-related products. 

Both Finland and Sweden have formulated ambitious national forestry programs which focus on the emerging bio-economy and a fossil-free society, in addition to developing the sector in general. Distinguishing features of the bio-economy include the utilisation of renewable bio-based natural resources, the use of clean technology to improve the condition of the environment, and effective recycling of materials. While the forest is a renewable natural resource with potential for sustainable development, there are also many challenges to deal with in order to satisfy the demand on it for materials as well as safe-guarding other important societal goals. 

Because the forest is expected to play such an important role in a sustainable bio-economy, there is a need to develop knowledge about its uses and limits in the processing and use of biomass. There is also a need to develop more durable patterns of consumptions, with policy instruments and business models to provide for different ecosystem services. 

The forest has a crucial role to play in our efforts to combat climate change and meeting several other sustainability targets. Furthermore, the growing demands on the forest in eco-friendly production lead to greater complexity in assessing how its’ resources are best put to use, and which new industrial forestry products and processes need to be developed. This alone shows the need for inter-disciplinary knowledge in order to support a future industry that can better use and protect the ecosystem of the Swedish and Finnish forests, and meet future needs for new products. 

In order to achieve these goals the Finnish-Swedish Cultural Foundation together with Swedish Government, the Swedish Forest Industries Federation, the Kempe Foundations, the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation and the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry, created this research initiative as a gift to celebrate the centenary of Finland’s independence.

Tandem Forest Values started as a bilateral forest research project that was established in 2017 as Sweden’s official centenary gift to Finland. It was initiated by Tandem, part of the Finnish-Swedish Cultural Foundation in Stockholm. The centenary gift comprised of 12 postdoc positions, each worth 2 million SEK. The call for applications was administrated by KSLA, The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry.

Since the first part of the project was a success the committé decided to initiate a second part, this time with focus on researchbased cooperation projects. 40 million SEK in total was allocated to this purpose. Half of the funding comes from Finland and half from Sweden, making the second part truly bilateral.

Our purpose and goal

The purpose is to strengthen and develop research collaboration between Finland and Sweden through post-doctoral positions in both countries. Our goal is for the researchers to work with actors in the field of industrial forestry in the region to enable a sustainable use of the forest as a resource.

The programme is a good example of research cooperation between two countries where the government and private donors together are responsible for funding.
— Lisa Sennerby Forsse, President The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry

Since Tandem Forest Values first saw daylight in June 1st 2017 the program has arranged a launch seminar, participated in a follow- up conference in Finland, been mentioned in several media and led to many contacts between researchers and professionals within forestry and forest industry.


The project was released officially on October 26th in 2017.

why tandem forest values is important?

Hear the keynote speakers Esko Aho and Chris Heister and the moderator Maria Wetterstrand explain the importance of Tandem Forest Values.

Finlands former Prime Minister Esko Aho


Chair of Finnish-Swedish Cultural Foundation Chris Heister


CEO Miltton Purpose and the former spokesperson for the Swedish Green Party Maria Wetterstrand